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1 to 1 Healing

Our group sessions are focused mainly on relaxation.   In a 1 to 1 session Its just you and me in the pool.  After a gentle stretch in the water we will look at what you need from the session and when ready I will support your head allowing you to free float while I use the crystal singing bowls and sometimes my voice to balance your chakras and focus on any areas feeling blocked or unbalanced.  Once we've worked on all the chakras, and any other issues, you will have the remaining time to float in a blissful state either in silence or me playing the instruments.

Our feedback from these sessions have been really exciting.  Many clients likening it to a mental refresh/re-set. Clients have felt held, heard and healed.  This session has the potential to evoke quite deep emotional release and also bring focus to anything you're experiencing emotionally or spiritually at that time.  

It's also just extremely relaxing and soothing, having a huge impact of sleep quality, pain relief, brain fog, anxiety and depression and much more.  

Please contact me for more information x   

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