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                  Floatation Benefits

Reduced stress, anxiety & depression

Pain relief: headaches, joints & muscular

Reduced muscle tension

Lower Blood Pressure

Decreased blood lactate

Improved Circulation

Improved creativity

Improved sleep quality

Welcome to Aqua Sonos 

Serenity Yard's sound healer Kay has teamed up with Swim 121 to bring you this unique experience in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

A chance to relax, rejuvenate and rebalance the mind and body.  

A combination of floating in a tranquil pool with the healing qualities of Quartz Crystal and Himalayan singing bowls playing ambient lullaby sounds.


                Crystal Bowl Benefits

Reduce stress levels

Supports mood balance

Lower blood pressure

Better sleep quality

Chronic conditions eg M.S or Fibromyalgia

Clears energetic blockages

Self Awareness

Soul connection

Inner wisdom

We have combined the two to provide a deeper relaxation experience, both have shared benefits and working with the vibrational aspects we have found the combination has wonderful effects.


" Vibrations are especially useful for healing the body.  The adult body is 75% water and water is is a great conductor for sound vibration.  When vibrations travels through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow and rejuvenation.  The frequency of the sound synchronises with the brain waves and activates the de-stress responses in the body"

Malbert Lee, Hong Kong based crystal bowl and gong master

At a time when self care has never seemed more important we hope that experiencing our sessions will help you feel relaxed, refreshed and released.

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