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I can't swim, can I still attend ?

Yes.  we will keep you in the shallow end and the lifeguard will be aware.  You won't be left to float till we are happy you feel safe and comfortable. 

Medical contra-indications

Epilepsy.... Recently broken bones....      Recent unhealed cuts/wounds....Gastro bugs...It's not recommended during the 1st & 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Will I get cold?

The pool is indoors and heated to a comfortable 32c, and the changing area is nice and warm. 


What is grounding?

Grounding is the term used to describe connecting back to the present moment.  It is important we do this after a session so you feel present and able to carry out the rest of you day.  

What do I need to bring?

We provide all floatation devices.  Just bring yourself, an open heart, a towel, suitable swimwear and a bottle of water.  

What is suitable swim wear?

You can wear a costume/trunks and anything over the top of  that like a t-shirt or cover-up.  We are a body positive group and want you to feel comfortable.  Please ask if your unsure.

How will I feel?

It's very individual.  Some people drift into a relaxed state just bobbing along daydreaming.  Others in a meditative, insightful zone.  You will feel weightless while you float and anything from relaxed to refreshed and energetic after. 90% of our clients report very sound sleep for days after.

Can the bookings be for private groups?

Yes, if you have 3 friends you wish to always float with, by advance booking we can ensure it's only your group in that session.  

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