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Floatation Class

We require all floatees take a learn to float class.  It's not as easy as it sounds to find your comfort zone, we have found that participants are able to experience the benefits more deeply on subsequent sessions when they are used to just trusting the water and floatation devices.  To ensure group sessions are then focused only on floating and sound we hold the float classes separately and all future floats will be with other experienced guests.

The class -    Learn to use the different floatation devices or practice free floating.  Most people find, at 1st, that they want as many noodles or other supportive floats as they can handle, our goal is to help you feel confident with the minimum amount of aids.  We discuss the benefits of the instruments and floating, the different positions to adopt for the seated section and then float positions, you then have time to practise your floatation with sounds.

Group Session

Now your familiar with the session and confident in your floating abilities you are able to book onto group sessions.  A maximum of 4 people per session.  There will always be a lifeguard present normally in the water with you ensuring no-one collides and that you're safe at all times.  A ten minute warm up and meditation followed by 40 mins of relaxation and ten minutes of grounding and gentle stretches.

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